Invasive Order

Based on the book, Subnature: Architecture’s Other Environments, by David Gissen, the study of natural elements is a common theme in architecture. These studies typically are of plants, trees, sunlight, etc. Subnature looks at the overlooked natural elements that tend to be on the darker side of the natural world. The elements we tend to ignore, or want to ignore such as, dankness, gas, or weeds. The subnature used in this project was weeds. Weeds are considered ‘plants out of place’. They considered to be weeds when they disrupt an inherent order. Weeds have a biological desire to invade and spread. They have no regard for their surrounding environment, as long as there is room to continue growth, they will colonize that space. This idea of weeds as an invader of space and a disrupter of order is the thought process used in utilizing this subnature in the design of a process applicable to the site.


ideogramming weeds growths from Ryan Kahen on Vimeo.